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Less Expensive than the ER and Not Just for Emergencies

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Anderson, Cincinnati, Newtown, OH


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9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Dependable Diagnosis of Disorders

At Eastside Urgent Care, you can be certain of one thing - visiting us in Cincinnati, OH will prove to be more convenient for you than visiting your family doctor. Although we specialize in emergencies, our services span a wide area of health care services.


Our top priority is your health. Our doctors have extensive experience in treating various health care disorders. We also offer laboratory testing and on-site digital X-rays. Call us today to learn more about our health care services.

Dependable Health Care Services

Our services include primary health care and emergency services besides various laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures. Reach out to our committed and dependable staff today! We'll be glad to help you.

Complete Services

  • Blood tests, urine tests

  • Corporate flu-shots

  • Vision screening

  • Physical tests

  • And more

Learn What Your Visit Will Include

  • Verifying your insurance plan with your insurance company

  • Co-pays / deductible collected at the time of service

  • Non-insured patients must be in a position to pay for the treatment in full

  • Please carry your current insurance card and photo ID

  • Motor vehicle accident patients must produce current auto insurance

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Know the essential pre-requisites

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