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Stomach Flu Treatment Questions and Answers

Common questions asked by patients: How do you get rid of the stomach flu fast? How long does the stomach flu last? Will stomach flu heal itself? How long are you contagious with the stomach flu?

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Stomach Flu Treatment Questions and Answers

Every year in the United States, rounds of the stomach flu hit communities and families are left looking for fast and convenient medical attention in their area. For most families, rushing to the nearest hospital is the first instinct for receiving urgent care services for the stomach flu. Unfortunately, hospitals can require hours of waiting time for families before a doctor is available to provide medical care. At Eastside Urgent Care in Cincinnati, OH our medical professionals provide a convenient alternative to hospital urgent care centers by providing accessible and timely walk in urgent care services.

In addition to our convenient location in Cincinnati, our walk in clinic has flexible hours every day of the week to better serve our patients. We know that the stomach flu does not rely on a set schedule and can happen at any time, so we do our best to see to your medical needs every day of the week. Our doctors on site can help you and your loved ones recover from the stomach flu, and ease the stress of getting sick and finding medical care. So rather than rushing to the nearest hospital and waiting hours to see a doctor, come into Eastside Urgent Care Cincinnati for fast and top notch medical attention for the stomach flu.

Our doctors get many questions from patients about the stomach flu and how to treat it. Here are the some of the common questions that we receive about the stomach flu at Eastside Urgent Care Cincinnati:

How long does a stomach virus last?

The stomach virus doesn’t usually last more than 1-3 days, but it depends on the virus strains. For some, diarrhea symptoms may last up to 10 days.

How long are you contagious with the stomach flu?

Contagious effects of the stomach flu are also dependent on the strain and the individual, but in some cases they can last up to two weeks.

What can I eat if I have the stomach flu?

Eat bland foods such as crackers, bread, bananas or rice while you have the stomach flu, but be sure to stop consumption if your nausea returns. It is important to avoid fatty foods and dairy while you have the virus, as this can make your symptoms worse.

When should I go to the doctor for the stomach flu?

As soon as you begin experiencing symptoms of the stomach flu, walk right into Eastside Urgent Care Cincinnati for medical attention. Our doctors can help you and your loved ones feel better as soon as possible on a walk in basis- no appointments required! Our clinic is a convenient alternative to rushing to the hospital, and we offer medical care every day of the week.

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