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Urgent Care Services

Top Urgent Care Services Offered in Eastgate, Cincinnati OH

At Eastside Urgent Care, our physician-led practice offers a distinct advantage over other urgent care facilities by providing a wide range of specialized procedures that can only be performed by experienced physicians. Our services encompass laceration care, including suturing and tetanus immunization, incisions and drainage of abscesses and hematomas, removal of sebaceous cysts and benign skin lesions, administration of parenteral antibiotics, care of thrombosed hemorrhoids and pararectal infections, vaginal examinations, X-ray and initial care of fractures, foreign body removal from ear, nose, and eyes, as well as the removal of ingrown toenails and superficial subcutaneous foreign bodies like fish hooks, glass, and metal fragments. Additionally, we offer comprehensive STD testing and evaluation, including blood testing, and DOT examinations. Our commitment to physician-led care ensures that you receive the highest level of expertise and quality when you visit us. For more information, contact us or book a same-day priority appointment. We are conveniently located at 872 Ohio Pike Cincinnati, OH 45245. We serve patients from Cincinnati OH, Covedale OH, Delhi OH, St Bernard OH, Wilders KY, and Elmwood Place OH.